Dr Simone Ramsay



University Queensland

Dr Simone Ramsay is an experienced General & Colorectal Surgeon providing care in Redlands and the surrounding areas. 

Simone completed her medical training at the University of Queensland before undertaking her specialty training. She worked as a Staff Specialist General Surgeon at the Prince Charles Hospital for five years before gaining her fellowship in Colorectal and Acute Surgery at the Royal Hobart Hospital. Following this she completed a six-month observership at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh. 

Simone’s general surgery interests include:

  • Hernias 
  • Gall bladder 
  • Appendix 
  • Pilonidal sinus 
  • Skin Cancer excisions, grafts, skin flaps & sentinel lymph node biopsy for melanoma 

Simone’s sub-speciality interests include:

  • Colonoscopy 
  • Rectal bleeding & bowel cancer 
  • Haemorrhoids 
  • Rectal prolapse 
  • Faecal incontinence 
  • Peri-anal abscesses and fistulas

Find Out About Dr Ramsay’s Operations

Gall stones can cause pain or even life threatening infections. Removal of the gall bladder is a common and effective operation to treat symptoms of gall stones.

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Haemorrhoids are expanded blood vessels around the anus. They can cause itch, pain, bleeding and functional problems opening the bowels. Haemorrhoid treatments can be surgical or non-surgical, depending on the type and severity of the haemorrhoids.

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Hernias occur when a weakness or gap in the abdominal wall allow some of the contents of the abdomen to protrude. This can cause pain, and if intestines become trapped in the hernia then they can be life threatening.

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Colonoscopy is a procedure where a flexible camera is used to examine the inside of the large intestine. It can diagnose a range of disorders of the bowel and rectum, and is commonly used to screen people for colon cancer, so it can be detected early and treated more successfully.

Skin cancer is a wide range of conditions where damage to skin cells causes uncontrolled growth. Some of these cancers are slow-growing and not especially dangerous, while others can spread aggressively to other parts of the body and present a risk to the patient’s life.

Many skin cancers are safely, effectively, and completely treated by general practitioners, however some require more extensive surgery to remove the cancer and cover the resulting skin defect. Dr Ramsay performs larger excisions, dissection and removal of involved lymph nodes in the region if necessary, and coverage of the excision site with skin grafts or skin flaps when required.